Marios Ioannidis | Blue Point
Beirut Boat is a very good opportunity to meet and add new customers to our database. We are very happy with the new location and prefer it to the previous one. Our customers feel the same as well. We received a good quality of customers this year and are very happy with the organization of the event.

Nabil Bazergi | Maserati
This is the second time Maserati participates in Beirut Boat. We take part in the show because it’s all about leisure and peace of mind, which suits our brand because Maserati is about luxury, fun and leisure. Beirut Boat’s location this year is wonderful and we are pleased with the high quality of visitors.


Paurush Hyderabadwalla | Sunseeker
Beirut Boat show has always been one of the most important boat shows in the Mediterranean, serving as a gateway to a very big market. The eastern Mediterranean climate in Lebanon allows you to benefit from the sea; as such, many of our clients come here to enjoy the weather. Lebanon has great potential; it’s an amazing market for us. It’s important for us to be here because of the international exposure. There is a wide range of global brands on display, and this pleases our clients who always want to know what’s new in the market. Sunseeker is a brand that is always developing; we are always creating new designs and bigger boats. It’s very important for us to be here and let people know about our new and improved products. Aside to enjoying the novelty of the new location, what pleased us the most out of this year’s show is the turnout. We also concluded some very promising deals. The most important exhibitors participated in this edition and that’s what attracted such an impressive crowd; they want to know what brand is selling the most. It’s nice to have a different setting than the previous Marina; the new location is nothing less. The right people are coming and this is what’s most important to us. The show’s organization has always been very good. The event is marketed well to the public, and this is evident from the billboards around town. Visitors arrive with curiosity and excitement.

Alain Aoun
Beirut Boat is a great event that is helping promote tourism in Lebanon, as well as the Lebanese boating industry, by portraying a different image of the country to foreigners. We are expecting a great season this year, and what better way to start it than with this boat show. We look forward to witnessing this event every year with more and more visitors, not only Lebanese, but also foreigners from the entire region. By organizing this successful event, IFP is once again proving that Lebanese are capable of achieving great things.

Alecco Chiha | Team Nine
We never miss a boat show; we always take part in Beirut Boat. It is necessary for our business because of the complexity of owning a boat; it’s an expense that not many people can afford. The show is a great opportunity for everyone to discover a range of boats they could own, as well as an investment for the new generation to build up an interest in boats and marine sports. The show is always excellent with a very positive vibe, which is especially important at this time to lift people’s spirits in the midst of the current regional situation. It is the only platform to push the economy forward and portray the right image of Lebanon to foreigners via the media. We love the new location; it is very close to Downtown Beirut. We were also pleased with how the event was organized this year; we really appreciate how IFP is always taking the risk and pushing forward to do the show. The visitors were interested in the boats, not just the marina itself, which is great. It wasn’t too crowded; there was an emphasis on the quality rather than on the quantity of people present.